Amphenol RF SMA Connectors

Amphenol RF SMA Connectors comprise a wide range of standard and custom SMA products for use in semiconductor manufacturing and test equipment. Amphenol RF SMA includes PCB-mount and cable-mount connectors, as well as a variety of adapters, terminators, attenuators, and cable assemblies to meet a variety of designs. Amphenol RF also offers custom end-launch solutions, which can be optimized to provide exceptional performance for user-specific PCB configurations.


SMA Front-Mount Bulkhead Jacks - Offers vibration resistance and tamper-resistant capabilities that are beneficial for uses within an enclosure in a public space.

Cable-Mount Connectors - Wide range of configurations accommodates a variety of flexible RG-type and low-loss cables, and semi-rigid and conformable cables.

End-Launch Connectors - Ideal for use on semiconductor evaluation and demo boards as well as in space-limited applications.

PCB-Mount Connectors - Semi-precision, sub-miniature high-frequency connectors.

SMT SMAs - Rated IP67 to withstand harsh environments while offering superior performance.

SMA Connectors Optimized for TFC-302LL - Optimized for low loss TFC-302LL cables.

SMA Straight Crimp Jack 1.32mm Micro-Cables - Offer a 50Ω impedance, IP67 protection rating, and are designed on a flexible RG-316 coax cable.

SMA Panel Mount Bulkhead Jacks - Fully tested to IP67 specifications in the mated and unmated conditions. These jacks can be fastened inside a panel or enclosure to provide additional security for sensitive systems.


Adapters - Wide range of SMA adapters available in in-series and between-series configurations.

Jack-to-Plug Adapters - Offers 50Ω impedance and DC to 18GHz frequency range.

Between-Series Adapters - Features a maximum frequency of up to 26.5GHz.

In-Series Adapters - Variety of shell plating and body material.


Terminators - Reliably prevents RF signals from being reflected along the transmission line to reduce interference.

Attenuators - Offers standard attenuation values of 1dB to 10dB, used in applications where a reduction in power is needed.


Amphenol RF SMA Connectors
Published: 2015-05-01 | Updated: 2023-08-16