KYOCERA AVX 9176-800 Low-Profile IDC Connectors

KYOCERA AVX 9176-800 Low-Profile Industrial- and Transportation-Grade Displacement Connectors (IDC) are developed specifically for 26AWG to 22AWG discrete wires in size-critical applications. By reducing the "Z" axis height by 1.0mm and the overall volume by up to 50%, these connectors are an ideal choice in space-constrained applications. In addition, an expanded size range is available, starting from 1 position up to 4 positions in each wire gauge. KYOCERA AVX 9176-800 connectors provide packaging solutions in industrial, medical, and transportation applications such as smart metering, LED lighting, industrial controls, and portable monitoring and measurement devices.


  • Redundant and fatigue-resistant phosphor bronze material provides a gas-tight, cold-welded connection to the wire
  • Can be potted or over-molded to encapsulate electronic modules and provide environmental protection
  • 1p version is available in industry-standard colors to match individual wires for error-free wire termination


  • Connecting discrete wires and components to a PCB
  • Bringing power and signals onto a PCB
  • Daisy-chaining or interconnecting PCBs together
Published: 2018-04-16 | Updated: 2022-12-22