Hirose Electric DF11 SignalBee™ 2mm Double-Row Connectors

Hirose Electric DF11 SignalBee™ 2mm Double-Row Connectors come with double rows of 2mm pitch contacts that have been condensed to fit within a width of 5mm. This allows multiple signals to be secured in the same space as the conventional 2mm single-row contact. The DF11 connectors feature broad variations such as board to cable, in-line, and board to board, and incorporate gold or tin plating. These connectors employ the applicable wire that can cover a wide range from AWG22 to AWG30. Hirose Electric DF11 SignalBee 2mm Double-Row Connectors typical applications include business equipment such as copy machines and printers.


  • Double rows of 2mm pitch contact that has been condensed within the 5mm width
  • Full automatic insulation displacement machine that easily connects the complicated multi-harness
  • Gold or tin selectable plating
  • Applicable wire covers a wide range from 30AWG to 22AWG
  • Board design variations
    • Board to cable
    • In-line
    • Board to board
Published: 2013-11-13 | Updated: 2022-03-24